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Pacific corporation team is a provider of outstaffing solutions based in Eastern Europe. We are focused on a modern approach to your business

In the context of modern competitive practices, it is really important to react correctly and timely to the challenges facing the enterprise. One of the main task – to meet the challenge working with talented specialists and solid team. Pacific corporation team takes over control every aspect of your development and finds experienced professionals who can shape the future of your company.

We are responsible for the whole cycle of hiring highly qualified professionals your business requires.

When your business needs a specialist of any field we are ready to find a competent technician who will fit your company's culture and identity.

However, to find a perfect candidate is only half the battle. We want our clients to be protected and free from insurance, full compliance of Ukrainian Labor Code, all taxes and fees. We undertake all the concerns and costs in order to give the opportunity to fully appreciate the diligence and responsibility of Ukrainian specialists.

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How outstaffing works

Personnel outsourcing is becoming quite a simple process with us

Leave your request

Indicate your requirements, whether they are specific or not

Set your budget

Indicate the approximate budget for the employee you are looking for

Set your timelines

Indicate for how long you are looking for an employee

Perfect match

We will find a perfect match for you in short order

What we do

Our company is a guarantor of your placidity

Just tell us the requirements to a candidate and we will take care of the rest. We are the company that will open the way for all the advantages of outstaffing from Eastern Europe.

  • We take care of the legal part
  • We provide space for staff
  • Guaranteed Freedom from extra expenses
  • We release you from any issues with recruitment

You should not worry about payroll and legal part anymore

It is our task to take care of compliance with the Labor Code and wages. Moreover, you do not need to pay an extra price of insurance, taxes, office space, because a candidate you hire is in Eastern Europe.

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Why do you need us

Financial benefit

With us you will reduce your expenses

Team of professionals

You’ll get the best Professionals from Estern Europe


No worries about payroll and legal part, since a candidate you’re hiring physically located in Estern Europe

Staff replacement

We offer optional replacement of specialists depending on your request

Our Service

Our company simplifies outstaffing process for you


Our experience in hiring the best specialist from Eastern Europe may be useful for companies of any size. Above all, using outstaffing services from a different country is associated with economical benefit and productivity. Just imagine how much work you could accomplish if you had extra 40 hours in a month...


At Pacific corporation limited, we recognize that you are what make us and our clients successful. So we work hard to provide you with the best employment opportunities available. Every time when we receive a recruitment request, we realize that our clients want to get something more from a candidate than just a “perfect match”. They expect to obtain a like-minded person who would share company’s values and culture.

StartUp KICK

Have an idea of startup?
Don’t know what to begin with? We have a solution for you!
Pacific corporation team will help you with implementation of your ideas. We turn a dream into reality. We are in constant search of skilled, talented people who will help you to develop your business considering compliance with the law.


It is quite simple. Share your payroll operations with us and you will get highly qualified professionals at a lower price. Payroll operations. Settlement pay bills preparation, contractual payable amounts with taxes. Reports submission to public authorities (reports to Pension Fund, PIT and Social Insurance Fund). Non-regular payments. Calculation of payments for dismissal, vacation, bonus, overtime job and other additional payments.

24/7 Support

The Internet and hosting services are delivered to the customer in real time on a full-time basis, so the smallest problem will be immediately noticed by the customer. That's why ISPs and hosts must ensure a 24/7/365 customer support. The faster and more competent the support service is, the greater the chances of keeping the customers are.

We Can create a Dream Team for you!

Pacific corporation limited will provide you with the best solutions exactly for your business. We understand the desire to find the most gifted and hardworking employees at a cheaper price. With our team you will have an access to Ukrainian labor market, which is 60% lower price compared to the Western rates.

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