Need some candidate search for your startup?

Have a startup?

No idea where to begin? We have a solution for you! Pacific corporation team will help with the implementation of your ideas. We turn a dream into reality. We are in constant search of skilled, talented people who will help you to develop your business considering compliance with the law.

We find the right people

Our stable experienced team is a main key to successful implementation of optimal solution for your business. Industry specialization allows to deeply understand the specifics of the business, provide an up-to-date expertise on vacancies and the situation on the market.

Professional specialization

  • Software developers (junior, middle and senior levels)
  • System architects
  • Quality Engineers / Security Systems Engineers
  • Database administrators
  • System administrators
  • Support Specialists
  • Specialists in the development and implementation of systems of class CRM, ERP, WMS
  • Business Analytics
  • Designers
  • Management Team (PM, TL)

Dream team for your business

Web development

We know how to create a great team of web developers for you who will implement your brilliant ideas into a successful product. If you need someone to do custom web development, CMS customization, mobile web or web application, we are ready to help.

Software testing

We are dedicated to a high standard of services we deliver. This is why we provide cautious QA engineers who thoroughly test whether your product meets technical requirements and our quality standards.


We have professionals who can develop and implement the whole marketing strategy for your business. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, PPC, Google Adwords. This is what you need for a successful campaign.

Creative design

We provide design expertise in:
Custom web and mobile, Custom design from scratch, Customized elements, UI/UX design, Logo and brand identity, Motion graphics and Game design.

Let’s Get Started

.As a result you get new talents, who will bring fresh ideas and help lead your business to new heights!

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